About The South African Navions.

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from 'UnderTheRadar'
The North American Navion

By: Norm Goyer

Just after WWII entered into the history books, two of our largest wartime aircraft companies were sitting with huge factories, bulging raw aluminum inventories, production lines and skilled aircraft workers. To add to the mix, a private aircraft boom was predicted which would “put an aircraft in every garage.” North American had been producing Mustangs, Texans and B-25 Mitchell bombers in huge numbers. North American designed and built the rock solid, fighter-looking Navion, ( North American aViatION.) The original Navion had a 185 hp Continental engine. The airframe is bullet-proof and very STRONG.
It sits high on its rugged landing gear. It has a sliding canopy, like the Mustang; so you climb over the side to enter both the front and rear seats. The Navion was designed for fighter pilots really.


Image ©paul lindenberg